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Another Really Good Question

Another Really Good Question

ISBN: 0039000018739

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Another Really Good Question [Hardcover]
Surprising Answers to Some Interesting Questions
By: M. Kenan
Translated by: Zehavit Ehre
Product Description
Discover the answers to 171 new really good questions! With dazzling full color photographs and clear, concise explanations, this is a book that will enthrall any child curious about the world around them. Learn the answers to such questions as: How can flies walk on the ceiling? How does a jellyfish sting? Why do people shake hands when they meet? How does a cellular phone work? How do we see colors? Entertaining, and educational, children will love learning the fascinating answers to Another Really Good Question.
Binding: Hard Cover / 88 pages
Published by: Feldheim

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