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To The New World

To The New World

ISBN: 113300010188

Publisher: NA

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To The New World Hardcover
by Chaim Waldman
Product Description
Join us for this next segment of the kuriel family's adventures,a whirlwind of harrowing experiences indeed. dangerous voyages in the stormy sea, encounters with pirates and enemy ships, visits to the mysterious lands of primitive-and no less dangerous-indians...All these and much more come together in this remarkable story,which is based-incredibly enough-on solid historical facts,giving us a feel for the historical background of those days. the inquisition on one hand,and pirates on the other. Secret plots and cunning schemes,bold decisions and wrenching dilemmas unfold with each turn of the page,leading us along a heart stopping journey. This book is designed with rare a ultramodern 3D design that gives the characters,structures and breathtaking scenery a tangible,lifelike quality. Throughout this adventure,we will recognize the strength of the jewish spirit,and the power of faith that rises above the favored power of numerous enemies.Through reading,we connect to eternal jewish values,and learn to internalize devotion to Yiddishkeit in each and every situation. This book presents you with a mesmerizing tale that will be read again and again with bated breath,in the best of tradition of the 3D-story master,Chaim Waldman.
Hardcover: 67 pages
Language: English
Published January 1, 2014

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