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Ramparts of Gold Comics Story

Ramparts of Gold Comics Story

ISBN: 113300010218

Publisher: NA

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Ramparts of Gold Comics Story [Hardcover]
By: D. Even Chein
Illustrated by: R. David
Product Description
Shlomo and Chana, who live in the jewish quarter of Yerushlayim's Old City close to seventy years ago, go on a routine shopping trip to the batrak- the arab shuk. In the souvenir shop, they are suprised to meet their grandfather, who is busy buying three giant drums.
When their grandfather summons his friend, the engraver, and asks him to mark the drums with a special symbol, the children realize that something serious is going on. What are the drums for? Will they be found in the end? Before the question could be seriously considered, the War of Independence breaks out, and the children are thrown into a vicious whirlpool whos end no one can guess. Who ate Shlomo's chokolate? What are jewish youths hiding in a head of cabbage, and which burgers does the lamb's mother not prepare? The terros of war draw nearer. and the family finally decides to leave for quieter surroundings- but a surprise is in store for them. Follow Shlomo and Chana, and their parents and siblings, and discover the authentic tale of events that took place in the jewish quarter during the war of Independence. This book is both engaging and genuine, combining the Torah outlook on the events of those days with an enjoyable and information- packed experience.
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 9" x 12"
Pages: 66

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