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Fox Tales Lessons for Life Comic Story

Fox Tales Lessons for Life Comic Story

ISBN: 113300010560

Publisher: NA

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Fox Tales Lessons for Life
Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: Yeshayahu Mintzer
Illustrated by: Jackie Yarchi
Product Description
Fox Tales - Lessons For Life (Kosher Comics) In this book, we will accompany the clever fox, get to know many interesting animals, participate in poignant events - and come away with valuable lessons for life. What advice did the fox give the ugly chick - and how did everything work out for the best? Why did the peacock complain about its bitter fate - and what did the fox answer it? How did the fox succeed in saving the fish from the bear? What is the mink's unique characteristic? Did the scorpion keep its promise? How did the fox and the hyena trick the donkey? And who won the race between the turtle and the hare? Exciting adventures, amazing ruses and practical lessons - these are all found in abundance in the book before you. And when you finish reading, you'll find that you have a better understanding of yourself, and have even improved in some area. Twenty five new parables, complete with stunning illustrations, are brought to you by COMICS in this most successful series of Fox Tales.
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 12.2 " x 8.8"
Pages: 56
Publisher: Kosher Comics
Published year: 2016

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