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Conspiracy In Nierenberg Comic Story

Conspiracy In Nierenberg Comic Story

ISBN: 113300011864

Publisher: NA

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NIERENBERG 5706 (1946) While the entire world holds its breath, waiting for the verdict of the Nazi war criminals - some people are busy: Gangs with various, opposing interests are cooking up dark schemes. Are they friend or foe? Matthew, the eagle-eyed Jewish reporter; Shokoto, the friendly, joking Japanese; and Gustav, the suspicious Aryan are trapped in a web of conspiracies and mind wars that join past, present and future in an action-packed adventure, up until the surprising end.
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Language: Hebrew
Conspiracy In Nierenberg Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: M. Hershkowitz
Illustrated by: Yehuda Israel

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