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Escape From Mashhad Comic Story

Escape From Mashhad Comic Story

ISBN: 7911026168618

Publisher: NA

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Escape From Mashhad Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: R. Rosen
Product Description
A Royal welcome greets the ruler of Mashdad, Nader Sha'ah. The residents cheer for the brave conqueror who returned from a journey battling India and other countries worldwide.
One minority group tried to blend into the crowd without attracting attention, but the sharp eyes of Nader Sha'ah spotted them and they were ordered to step forward to his elegant chariot.
That day, their lives changed forever.
Suddenly, nothing was certain anymore, their mere existence was in question. They went through horrific, hair raising experiences. Many terrible changes occurred. They needed great Mesirus Nefesh to learn Torah and keep its Mitzvos.
Who were they? What did Nader Sha'ah want from them? Why didn't his offer actualize?
Who was the poor, abandoned baby? Who revealed his past? Would he ever reunite with his parents?
Hop onto a camel, hold on tight to the reins, and follow the trail of Hassan and his father, Haziz and his unrelenting questions, Uncle Moshe and his abandoned son. Visit The marketplace with children vendors and accompany the travelers to Mecca.
Join the suspenseful and breathtaking adventure in wake of the Anussim of Mashdad's stormy past.

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