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Zera Shimshon Eishes Chayil

Zera Shimshon Eishes Chayil

ISBN: 9781422631768

Publisher: ArtScroll Publications

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An Extraordinary Combination: The beauty of "Eishes Chayil." The insights of Zera Shimshon. And the stories of Nachman Seltzer.
More than 25,000 readers enriched their lives with Rabbi Nachman Seltzer’s Zera Shimshon series. The Zera Shimshon phenomenon continues with this extraordinary new volume, Rav Shimshon Chaim Nachmani’s commentary on Eishes Chayil.
- The Sefer: Zera Shimshon’s unusual commentary gives us a new and unique understanding of the magnificent words of Eishes Chayil - and of the greatness of Jewish women throughout the ages.
- The stories: Rabbi Nachman Seltzer brings us his amazing stories that add so much to our understanding of Zera Shimshon’s insights.
- The segulah: In his Introduction, Rav Shimshon Chaim promises great blessings to those who learn his work - and more and more, we’ve seen that promise come true!
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 300
Language: English
Publisher: ArtScroll Shaar Press
Release Date: 06/21/2022
ISBN-10: 1422631761
ISBN #: 9781422631768
Zera Shimshon Eishes Chayil [Hardcover]
The Sefer. The Stories. The Segulah
With selections from Sefer Zera Shimshon, the classic sefer by the 18th-century Rav, Rabbi Shimshon Chaim Nachmani
By: Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

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