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Mrs. Honig's Cakes Volume 3: Fancies and Fantasies

Mrs. Honig's Cakes Volume 3: Fancies and Fantasies

ISBN: 9781598263053

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Mrs. Honig's Cakes 3: Fancies and Fantasies for Children
by Pessie Frankel and Yocheved Leah Perkal, illustrated by Tova Katz
Product Description
Sweet as a chocolate cake, delicious as vanilla creme pie, this book will satisfy young reader's appetites!
In Mrs. Honig's warm, fragrant kitchen, dreams come true, stories rise like clouds of meringues, and when the flour dust settles, everyone's had a wonderful time. Memories are made, friendships are nurtured, and always the heartwarming stories told by Mrs. Honig remain everlasting treasures. Young readers will immediately identify with true-to-life friends, Dini, Shiffy, and Esty, as they sample stories and baked goods with endearing aplomb.
ISBN: 978-1-59826-305-3
Binding: Hard Cover / 186 pages
Published by: Hamodia Publishing

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