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Just One Jew

Just One Jew

ISBN: 9781598263619

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Just One Jew: The Grandson of a Gadol Tells His Story
by Moishe Mendlowitz
Product Description
An Amazing, Honest, Personal Perspective on One Jew's Journey
He's the grandson of Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, and he left behind his Jewish heritage and the yeshivah world he grew up in to take a wild ride through secular, upstate New York where his long-haired, businessman image took over.
Until Hashem tapped Moishe Mendlowitz on the shoulder and led him, through a series of miraculous events, back to Torah Judaism in a roller-coaster ride across continents and turbulent emotions. Today he's the manager of the Heritage House in Jerusalem's Old City and a sought-after speaker and founder of a kiruv organization.
In this inspiring, fascinating, and exciting book, the author brings the reader into his inner world, telling a tale that will have you crying, laughing and thinking--about the power of just one Jew.
ISBN: 9781598263619
Binding: Hard Cover / 207 pages
Published by: Feldheim

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