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6 Constant Mitzvos

6 Constant Mitzvos

ISBN: 9781598264364

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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The six "constant mitzvos" can be difficult to describe and articulate to young children, but in this moving, beautifully illustrated book, the principles of faith and belief come alive, explained in clear, age-appropriate language. From the concept of believing in G-d exclusively to G-d's Oneness and love and fear of Him and following His ways, kids are led, through rhyme and practical examples, to grasp these esoteric ideas in a concrete, interesting way, building a bedrock of faith and trust that will last a lifetime. A truly valuable book and a wonderful gift for every occasion.
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 56
Publisher: Feldheim
ISBN: 9781598264364
6 Constant Mitzvos [Hardcover]
Young Child's Guide to Faith and Belief
By: Mordechai Plaut
Illustrated by: Osnat Amchislavsky
Graphic Director: Gadi Pollak

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