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The Yom Tov Collection

The Yom Tov Collection

ISBN: 9781607630586

Publisher: Judaica Press

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Yom Tov Collection: An early reader for frum boys and girls
By: Menucha Fuchs
Product Description
An early reader for frum boys and girls
Kids will cheer this Yom Tov?--?and every Yom Tov?--?with this wonderful selection of stories from Menucha Fuchs’s six popular Yom Tov books! These stories are packed full of good middos, acts of kindness and lots of fun!
This book contains a selection of stories from the following books, previously published as part of the bestselling Children's Learning Series:
Stories About Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Sukkos with the Cohen Family
A Chanukah Surprise and other Chanukah stories
A Purim Celebration and other Purim stories
Pesach with the Cohen Family
Cheesecake Surprise and other Shavuos stories
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 144 pages | ISBN 978-1-60763-058-6

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