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Nothing Bad Ever Happens

Nothing Bad Ever Happens

ISBN: 9781614650584

Publisher: Targum Press

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I’m scared, Rachel said. And if I’m scared they’ ll know something is wrong and they’ ll figure out that I’m Jewish and they’ ll turn me in. Father sat down on a bench and asked Rachel to sit down next to him. I know you’re scared. We all are. But you can find it in you not to be scared. You’re much
stronger than you think.
If only Rachel Blum could live the carefree life of a normal eleven-year-old jumping rope, playing with friends. Instead, the frightened, isolated girl must struggle to survive in a world bent on destroying her.
Rachel is growing up in war-torn Poland in the 1930s and must smuggle in food for her family. She is hidden by a non-Jewish couple whose son works for the SS. When called upon to join a dangerous scheme to escape a train teeming with Nazis, Rachel must draw upon reserves of courage and strength she never even knew she possessed.
Talented author Yaakov Astor skillfully relates Rachel’s miraculous story of survival in this action-packed account interwoven with sheer determination and stalwart emunah. Nothing Bad Ever Happens is the true story of an adolescent who manages to answer desperation with ingenuity, suffering with hope. Rachel lost everything yet felt she lacked nothing, leading her to the point where she could truly say, Nothing bad ever happened to me.
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 152
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-61465-058-4
Nothing Bad Ever Happens [Hardcover]
By: Yaakov Astor

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