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The Baker's Dozen #4: Stars in Their Eyes

The Baker's Dozen #4: Stars in Their Eyes

ISBN: 9781614655541

Publisher: Menucha Publishers

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Volume 4 of the best-selling series, now back in print!

The Baker quintuplets have stars in their eyes—or rather, one star in particular: singing celebrity Avi Shoham. But their favorite entertainer's big pre-Purim concert has been sold out for months. How can they get their hands on tickets?

The quints find a simple solution: being super-friendly to quiet Idy Bodner, who happens to be Avi Shoham's cousin. The five launch a be nice to Idy campaign, without considering that what they're doing really isn't nice at all.

Meanwhile, Moishy has begun a campaign of his own to prove to big brother Ashi that he can, too, finish what he starts. His efforts are frustrated—until he figures out just what to do to achieve his goal and help his family along the way.

Get set for another fun-filled story about the family everyone loves—the Baker's dozen.

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