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The Hole Truth

The Hole Truth

ISBN: 9781614655886

Publisher: Menucha Publishers

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We checked the whole drawer, the whole desk. The certificate has disappeared. It would be simplest if you just tell me you have it now… I wouldn't even need to call your parents. Was Rebbe and the entire class accusing me of taking the gift certificate?! Why me?

Nosson Cooperman is a clever, creative, and occasionally careless fourth grader who cracked his father's favorite CD and helped himself to half his sister's chocolate bar without permission. When a valuable class prize goes missing, Nosson's the lead suspect — but he didn't take it! How will he prove his innocence?

The Hole Truth is an exciting story by talented author Tehillah Bauman. Will Nosson — with his tall tales yet good intentions — learn to stretch himself without bending the truth?

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