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Yitzy Aims High

Yitzy Aims High

ISBN: 9781614656975

Publisher: Menucha Publishers

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Seven-year-old Yitzy wants to kiss the mezuzah on the doorpost, but it's way too high.

His friends try to help him, but he just can't reach. Until one special friend arrives.

Will he be able to help Yitzy? Will Yitzy be able to help him?

An adorable book for young readers.

Yitzy Aims High is a sweet story, and the reading level and format (short chapters, sufficient white space on the page, a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end) are perfect for a child who is just beginning to tackle longer books on his or her own. The way Yitzy's toys come to life in his imagination is nicely depicted in the illustrations, which are bright and friendly but not overdone. The toys' zany attempts to help him solve his problem are amusing, and kids will relate to Yitzy's struggles to do something grown-up and important while they are physically too small to accomplish it.
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