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The B.Y. Times' Kid Sisters 10-12

The B.Y. Times' Kid Sisters 10-12

ISBN: 9781614657682

Publisher: Menucha Publishers

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Sarah Chinn, Naomi Kaufman, Rivky Segal, Melissa Farber and Debby Kaplan have a lot in common. They're all fourth graders in Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield. And they've all got terrific stories to tell!

The fourth grade class is playing a special game, Giants and Elves. Everyone is excited — except for Rivky who is sick and will have to miss all the fun. But as always, the Treehouse Kids manage to find a way to solve their problems — and have a great time too! Find out how in Giant Steps.
The treehouse is in danger! Can the Kid Sisters find a way to save their tree? Meanwhile, Debby is trying to figure out why the other club members seem to be avoiding her. It takes mistakes and misunderstandings until the five friends learn the right way to solve their problems. Read all about it in The Wrong Way.

Debby's parents are taking her to Adventureland for her birthday, but she can only invite two friends. How will she choose? And Sarah is proud of being the best baker in fourth grade — until she discovers there's another great baker that everyone is talking about. Hear all about it in Ups and Downs.

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