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Zundel Of Chelm #2 Comics

Zundel Of Chelm #2 Comics

ISBN: 9781635870947

Publisher: NA

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Zundel Of Chelm #2
By A. Neibaum
Product Description:
After the tremendous success of the first volume of Zundel of Chelm, which had children reading it again and again, we are proud to present the second volume of Zundel’s exploits and foibles.
By now, Zundel is easily recognized for his ability to bring a smile to your face and a sense of seriousness to your heart. He is a character that will both amuse and educate you.
Here are excerpts from scenes in the book:
I know you paid to watch me walk a tightrope over the river, but… I’m really scared.
You’re letting me off? Really? Thank you! Just one thing — I’m making another show tomorrow!
You won’t believe how clever my children are! The puzzle box says it’s for five to ten years, but they finished it in just one hour!
Read about Zundel’s adventures and smile — The lessons will remain with you for a while!
Read, laugh and think!
ISBN: 9780899067230
Publisher: Gevaldig
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Size: 9" X 12"

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