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Bells on the Battlefield Comics

Bells on the Battlefield Comics

ISBN: 9781642040654

Publisher: NA

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Bells on the Battlefield Comics [Hardcover]
By F. Shtern
Product Description
Meet Mendele, the curious and energetic village boy, who mischievous antics kept him in no end of trouble. But then one day when danger loomed over the village, Mendele turned troublesome traits to the good. Entrusted with an important mission, he led his fellow classmates in a war of Kedusha and rescued the entire village from destruction. Meet Johan, Mendele’s unlikely friend. from the first time he heard the sweet sound of Torah study, he could not keep himself away, until finally he made a shocking discovery that foiled the wicked plot and let good triumph over evil. Join us for a story of excitement, humor and Torah values. Bells on the Battlefield, ringing with adventure!
Illustrated by: C. Zilberman
ISBN: 9781642040654
Author: F. Shtern
Publisher: Gevaldig
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Size: 9.7" X 13.4"

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