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Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

ISBN: 9781680252835

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Homeward Bound Inspiring Stories of Return
by Rabbi Michoel Gros
Product Description
Homeward Bound is a book of Discovery - of Jews returning to their roots and uncovering hidden strengths. With over 80 dramatic stories, it travels alongside individuals as they muster the fortitude to blaze new paths for their lives.
Among the amazing encounters, we meet:
Anne, whose new commitment to light Shabbos candles saves her life.
Marc, the stand-up comic who overcomes tragedy - after reciting Shema
Beverly, her life altered by the inspiration of a New York Times crossword puzzle
Rabbi Sachs, and the tale of his miraculous sukkah in Afghanistan
Be uplifted by the stories' powerful messages and inspired by these accounts of personal growth and courage. Through them, we also get a glimpse at the potential for greatness that lies within each of us.
"[this book] will serve to enhance the appreciation of the guidance of the Yad Hashem in our everyday lives, specifically along the journey of teshuvah… In it, Rabbi Gros has collected many examples of how Hashem guides us every step of the way, as well as providing insightful ways to understand this guidance through the eyes of the Torah. It is important to share these stories."
- HaRav Reuven Feinstein
"The stories in this book are given over to the reader by the very talented Rabbi Michoel Gros, who's ability to place himself inside every person that he writes about makes the book eminently readable and enjoyable.Th e messages stressed within its pages are strong yet subtle, and are filled with inspiration without losing our interest."
- Rabbi Nachman Seltzer
Dimensions: 6X9
ISBN: 978-168025-2835
Weight: 1.6370 lbs
Binding: Hard Cover
Published by: IFD

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