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Rebbe Mendel 10: GroundScrapers

Rebbe Mendel 10: GroundScrapers

ISBN: 9781680253214

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Rebbe Mendel 10: GroundScrapers
The Story Below
by Nathan Sternfeld
Product Description
It's another Rebbe Mendel adventure, that's what! Dig in and get the scoop on the renovations, interrogations, investigations, and infiltrations - from the Ramat Gan police to Alfred Grossgelt's strange investment in the Underground Neighborhoods Project.
What does the manager of the Float-Fly Hotel in Teveria have to do with Fritz Lutz from Austria? Why everyone is terrified of lawyer Klapholtz's pyramid scheme? And how does all this lead to an explosive finish? Full of lessons and values, Groundscrapers gives you the "hole" lowdown on the latest hilarious escapade of Rebbe Mendel!
Dimensions: 7X10
ISBN: 9781680253214
Weight: 1.6680 lbs
Binding: Hard Cover
Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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