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Hashem's Magnificent Machines

Hashem's Magnificent Machines

ISBN: 9781680253801

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Hashem's Magnificent Machines [Hardcover]
By: Dr. Yirmi Goldin
Product Description
How "New" Ideas merely copy the creator.
Who designed the greatest rocket ever, thousands of years before modern science? GPS? Thermal imaging? The answer is - Hashem! In fact, His creations outdo man's inventions every time.
Following the popular success of his previous Hashem Invented Skyscrapers, Dr. Goldin amazes once again! In this new, fascinating and entertaining volume in the series, you'll learn the principles behind major advances in technology and see how the talents and ingenuity of Hashem's creations surpass them all. Filled with stunning pictures, entertaining graphics, and easy to- read information, Hashem's Magnificent Machines takes you on an astonishing journey of beauty and wonder- toward a deeper appreciation of Gadlus HaBorei.
"You have managed to crystalize and elucidate the connection between modern inventions and the intricate details that comprise HaKadosh Baruch Hu's , inspiring the reader to marvel at".
Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky
"This sefer, too, has inspired me greatly."
Rabbi Binyomin Wurzburger
"I am confident that this work will inspire many with a deeper understanding of Hashem's creations."
Rabbi Yonason Wiener
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ISBN 9781680253801
Publisher Distributed By Feldheim
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages 88
Weight 1.6600 lbs.

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