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Titanic Volume 3 A Formula For Danger

Titanic Volume 3 A Formula For Danger

ISBN: 9781680254389

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Titanic Volume 3 A Formula For Danger [Hardcover]
The "Unsinkable" Moshe Wallas And His Ripple Effect Throughout History
By: Rabbi Avraham Ohayon
Illustrated by: Dan and Yoel Bar-Lev
Product Description
TITANIC 3 is the third volume in the series that weaves together the story of the Titanic, the legendary "unsinkable" ship, with the tale of Moshe, a poor village boy who moves to the big city and gets swept up by his dizzying financial success.
In this volume you’ll read about the Russian Secret Police’s search for a valuable test tube that appears to have been lost at sea along with the Titanic, and about the lawsuit that one Mr. Ellis Rhodes serves against Rav Moshe Wallas’s yeshivah. Does the secret test tube in Moshe’s possession hold the key to keeping everything afloat?
Dimensions 9 x 12
ISBN 9781680254389
Publisher Distributed by Feldheim
Number of pages 89
Binding type Hard Cover
Weight 1.2600 lbs.

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