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Nan's Long Journey

Nan's Long Journey

ISBN: 9781680255614

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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Nan is only ten years old when the winds of war begin to sweep through her native Berlin. Orphaned at a young age, little Nan is sent by her gentile father to Zurich, Switzerland, where her stern grandmother cares for her under duress, insisting that Nan forget her deceased mother and the threads that inexplicably bind her to Judaism. This powerful book will stir up young readers' emotions and bring them to a time and place a scant fifty years ago where they can experience the struggle of true-to-life Nan and cheer her on as she embarks upon the journey of her life. A well-written, fascinating novel with beautiful illustrations by renowned artist Ruth Beifus, this book is a great pick
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 251
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
ISBN: 9781680255614
Nan's Long Journey [Paperback]
By: Leah Fried
Illustrated by: Ruth Beifus
Translated by: Libby Lazewnik

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