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Missing Mezuzah Comics

Missing Mezuzah Comics

ISBN: 9781680911275

Publisher: Kinder Shpiel USA

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Missing Mezuzah Comics [Hardcover]
By Eli Gold
Product Description
There's no need to introduce this well-known brand! Presenting The Missing Mezuzah, a new book in the Eli & Gold Comics series, now available and going fast. If a picture can portray a thousand words, imagine the power of hundreds of illustrations drawn in Eli & Gold's distinctive style. While the adventure is purely imaginative, the historical background and the famous characters are portrayed in an authentic and realistic way. Through the story we can better understand the dreams and aspirations of those times. Learn about the renewal of the Ashkenazi settlement, relive the earthquake in Tiveria in the year 5577, and wage a battle against the Reform movement in Germany. The delightful twins, Peretz and Zorach, together with their mule, Sambatyon, are as energetic boys as only boys can be, but their venerable melamed, R' Manish the Yerushalmi, manages to lead them to the right path with his wit and wisdom. On the other hand, Kalman the missionary, the visit of Moshe Montefiore, the passing of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, and the aliya of Rav Shmuel Salant, are all completely true and accurate.
Hardcover: 60 pages
Publisher: Kinder Shpiel (2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1680911279
ISBN-13: 978-1680911275

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