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The Investigators 2 The Mystery In Norwich Comic Story

The Investigators 2 The Mystery In Norwich Comic Story

ISBN: 9781680914832

Publisher: Kinder Shpiel USA

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The Investigators 2 The Mystery In Norwich Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: S. Wallach
Illustrated by: Dovid Goldsmith
Product Description
How did the Investigators get lost in a forest in England? What happened when the fox appeared? What evil plot did Thomas the Monk concoct? And what happened as a result of the missing blue thread?
Who stole the necklace? Who introduced the notion of a blood libel? What did Harold promise when he nearly drowned? The Investigatots wove a deliberate plan. What was it?
Investigators, a popular group of children we've come to know and admire, now set out on another journey in comics! Zorach and Sruly plan to travel back to the Mysterious Cave, but instead find themselves in the forest. And not just any forest - butan English forest in the Middle Ages, precisely when Thomas the Monk and Dilan, the 'loyal' maidservant, weave their evil plans amongst the towering trees!
Zorach and Sruly realize that once again they've traveled back in time. Zorach figures out where they've landed, and grasps that there's a tragedy just waiting to happen.
They must use their minds, their courage, and a fair dose of diplomacy to save the Yidden in Norwich.
Will they succeed?
The book you're about to read is the second in the Investigator's Comics series. Its prequel, The Investigators and the Mysterious Cave, fired your imagination and opened up new worlds. Now, in this brand new episode of The Investigatorsand the Mystery in Norwich, our fascinating journey resumes!
Solving the mystery is child's play for our talented Investigators. But to extricate the community from this evil plot, much more is required. Will the Investigators triumph?
In this book, as in the previous one, the combination of a suspenseful plot woven by talented writer S. Wallach and the magnificent illustrations created by Gold, form an unforgettable page-turner.
Don't stay stranded at the back cover! Open the book and join the Investigators for an exciting adventure!
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 60
Language: English
Publisher: Kinder Shpiel
ISBN: 9781680914832

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