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The Black Plague Comic Story

The Black Plague Comic Story

ISBN: 9781680915648

Publisher: Chazak Entertainment

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Dear Reader,
Who caused the outbreak of the deadly plague in Ostrowa?
Which promise was made at the Bris?
Who is the mysterious wealthy man who did a shidduch with the Rav's daughter?
Where is the new couple traveling in middle of Sheva Brachos?
Why is Avreimel interested in learning how to use a bow-and-arrow?
What is the secret of the strong connection between the Rosh Yeshiva and his student?
"The Black Plague" is the fictional story commonly known as "The Maharsha and Monish," finally portrayed in full color by the world-renowned illustrator Dovid Gold.
Join us on a stormy ride rife with unexpected twists and turns. Our story begins in Ostrowa, the city of the holy Maharsha zt"l, and then wanders into the dense forest and beyond... Throughout our journey you will learn that even when a Yid finds himself in the most re,ote place in the world, physically or spiritually, he can always call out to Hashem and merit salvation.
Our characters proved it... and will share their secrets with you.
Read and enjoy!
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.75" x 12"
Pages: 60
Language: English
The Black Plague Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: Gold

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