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I Obey My Parents

I Obey My Parents

ISBN: 9781680916010

Publisher: Kinder Shpiel USA

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This charming book, "I Obey My Parents", is a masterpiece that combines beautiful illustrations with a real-life story that children can easily relate to.
This is the fifth book in the series, coming on the heels of rave reviews for the previous titles: I Can Help, I Learn to Have Patience, It's Not Mine, and I Eat Everything, which captured the hearts and minds of our young readers.
The story "I Obey My Parents" is geared for young children, and the charming illustrations draw them into the story with good humor and fine details.
Young children don't always want to obey their parents. Sometimes they think that they know better. Sometimes they just don't think! This book will teach them, in a pleasant and creative manner, how important and beneficial it is to obey their parents in all situations.
Read and Enjoy!
Perfect for children with its' laminated pages.
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.25" x 9"
Pages: 35
Language: English
I Obey My Parents [Hardcover]
By: E. M.
Illustrated by: R. B.

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