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The Wasome Itche Kadoozy Show

The Wasome Itche Kadoozy Show

ISBN: 9781891293610

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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The Wasome Itche Kadoozy Show
All The Greatest Episode Scripts Are Inside
by Jono Goorvich , Dovid Taub
Enter the world of Rabbi Itche Kadoozy, where a normal day is never quite normal, big laughs are to be expected, and Torah lessons can be found around every corner.
The Show
Feelin' At Home - The Fish - The Pigeon - Koshermentary - Yarmulke - Kiddush - Brochot -Hebrew Lesson - A Word from Jono - Jono and the Whale - The burglary - Jono's Lemonade Stand - Jono's Cellphone - Prayer - Personality Clash - New and Improved? - Jono's Time Machine - G-fish 'Toon - Silent Film - Moses for President.
The Mitzvah guys
The Minyan Guy - The Blessing Guy - The String Guy - The Lawn-Chair Guy- The Wilderness Guy - The Charity Ladies - Feeling Hakhel.
Holiday Series
Road Trip - High-Holiday Bloopers - Hap-bee New Year - Captain Awesome - Lights…Latkes…Action! - Chanukah Mini-Series - The Miracle of Purim - Purim Is Awesome - Pesach Mini- Series - A Matzah Documentary.
Parsha Report
Looking for G-d in Central Park - Sarah Redux - Lentil Soup - Staying Awake - The Wrestler - Jono's Psychedelic Elephant - Jono for VP - A School of Gefilte - Rabbi Jono - Crisis in Egypt - Baby Basket Gridlock on the Nile - blackout in Egypt - Ten for the Price of One - Goldstein, Goldstein & Fish Legal Services - The Do-It -Yourself Temple - Press Me! - Image Not Available - The Musical "As a Jew" - Afflictions of Yesteryear - How to be Holy…Kind Of - Party Time - Jono's Little Mountain Song - Sandy Trails - The Vow- Week in Rejew - We've Got a Grape Show! - The Great Debate - Chukat-Balak in Three Minutes - Lotto Land.
The Quest for Fish
Origins - Limits - Obstacles - Detours - Do-Over - Respect - Action - Heritage
ITEM #: 7662 Dimensions: 9.5X8.25ISBN: 9781891293610Weight: 1.7440 lbsBinding: Paperback / 408 pages Published by: Distributed by Feldheim

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