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Everyone's Got a Story

Everyone's Got a Story

ISBN: 9781932443936

Publisher: Judaica Press

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Everyone's Got a Story: 41 short stories from a new generation of Jewish writers
collected and edited by Ruchama K. Feuerman
"Good writing is delicious. Ruchama Feuerman has served up a succulent selection of stories, each with its own flavor, some sweet, some tangy, each one satisfying!"
--Sara Yoheved Rigler, author of Holy Woman and Lights from Jerusalem
"... well-crafted tales that reflect the richness, pleasures and poignancy of Jewish religious life ... ranging from lighter fare ... to more serious ones ... all exuding a freshness and a wonderful richness of language."
Fresh Voices. Fresh writing. Get ready for a magic carpet ride through our world at street level. In these compelling, well-crafted stories, you’ll recognize yourself, or an aspect of yourself, or someone so different that you can only read on, open-mouthed:
The seminary girl whose utter devotion to prayer leads her to the unimaginable
The Holocaust survivor who bears a thirty-year grudge against the Rebbe
A woman’s childhood recollections about her mother’s quirky obsession with chessed
And a host of other true characters from the family album of Jews: the Chevra Kadisha volunteer, the vintner, the scribe, the mohel, the matchmaker and the film director?!
But wait there’s more! At the start of each section of the book, Mrs. Feuerman shares her best tips for unlocking the writer inside you. So this book offers more than just great reading it also includes the keys to great writing!
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 416 pages | 978-1932443-93-6

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