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Yahadus Volume 1

Yahadus Volume 1

ISBN: 9781935949053

Publisher: NA

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Yahadus Volume 1
Product Description
Sefer Madah and Sefer Ahavah
Full Color, hardcover students textbook. It contains 45 units, covering all the mitzvos in the Rambam's Sefarim of Madda and Ahavah.
Student's Textbooks
The Torah is endless, and careful thought has gone into selecting what information to include due to the realities of lesson time constraints.
The content is designed to impart a strong overview of the entire Torah, using the Mitzvos as the framework. It therefore includes much general knowledge and can be used to replace part of and/or compliment a school’s existing Yahadus or Yedios Klaliyos curriculum. After completing this curriculum, there will be no Mitzvah with which the children are totally unfamiliar and will have some level of familiarity with most subjects in the Torah.
There are two categories of information in the student’s Textbook:
The main body information which includes the basic facts, laws and reasons for the Mitzvos in the unit, as well as life applications of it, and other areas of Jewish life which are connected to it.
Optional information which can be used or omitted at the teacher’s judgment of their class level. This includes all the "boxed" information:
Selected Halachos of the Mitzvah.
Extend Your Knowledge A deeper look at a specific concept connected to the unit.
Our Sages Say Sayings or insights from Chazal.
Did You Know Interesting Torah facts related to the unit.
Pearls of Wisdom Insights culled from a wide range of Rishonim and Achronim.
Stories Short, insightful stories of a wide variety of our greats, connected with the unit.
Biographies Very short biographical sketches of Gedolei Yisroel mentioned.
Discovery Tidbits of science, history and other general knowledge, carefully selected to highlight and compliment the information in the unit.
Much thought and planning has gone into the design and layout of the curriculum. It is at least on par with the most current curricula in secular subjects, and designed to be:
Visually appealing, to attract and retain the attention of children growing up in a world of vibrant color and imagery.
Clarity in what is the main information and what is secondary.
Color coded to identify different kinds of information.
Page count: 420
Page Size: 8.5 x 11 portrait
Binding: Hardcover
by Living Lessons

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