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I Lost Someone Special

I Lost Someone Special

ISBN: 9781944143008

Publisher: Judaica Press

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I Lost Someone Special
By Author: Bracha Goetz Illustrator: Chani Judowitz
Product Description
Mitzvos We Can Do in Memory of a Loved One
Torah learning and mitzvos can go a long, long way -- all the way to Shamayim -- to give an aliyah to the neshamos of those we love. I Lost Someone Special puts the loss of a loved one in the proper perspective by explaining that we can still connect to one who has passed on by learning Torah and doing mitzvos for the benefit of the neshamah. Its gentle language conveys the valuable lesson that every child, even when very young, can have an impact on the neshamos of those who have passed on. Through this engaging book, children will be able to take the important step of transforming their feelings into positive actions that will affect them and their loved ones.
What People Are Saying AboutåÊI Lost Someone Special ...
"Educators know that we need to be able to see the world in the way that the child sees and experiences it before we can truly educate him... Much thought has been put into the book I Lost Someone Special. Every picture, every word was scrutinized by people who have the child‰?s best interest in mind. It was my privilege to have been part of it." -- Rav Noach Orlowek, Mashgiach, Yeshiva Torah Ore; International lecturer, educator and author of books on parenting and education
"Part of our chinuch responsibility to our young ones, whether our own children or our students, is introducing them to the mitzvos, the laws and the customs associated with death and mourning...
I believe that this fine contribution to our Torah-true publications can be read to our youth by both parents and teachers in explaining this challenging part of life in a compassionate, caring and validating manner."
-- Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Clinical Psychologist; Director of Interventions and Community Education, Project Chai (the Trauma, Crisis and Bereavement Department of Chai Lifeline)
Recommended by CHAI LIFELINE
Author: Bracha Goetz
Illustrator: Chani Judowitz
Hardcover | 7" x 10" | 24 pages | ISBN 9781944143008

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