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The Challah Girl

The Challah Girl

ISBN: 9781946351623

Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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The Challah Girl [Hardcover]
By: Bracha K. Karp
Illustrated by: Anita Tung
Product Description
In a faraway village, can anyone make the royal prince smile?
Zlatah Leah is a capable girl, talented in many things. One day, she joins her village’s effort to make the prince smile again and takes her challah-baking expertise to the royal palace. She is sure that she has just what it takes to turn things around, but after nothing seems to work, she wonders if anyone at all can succeed. Can she?
The Challah Girl is a beautifully illustrated Jewish folktale about the power of prayer and tears that the whole family can enjoy.
About the Author:
Anita Tung is an illustrator living and working in the California Bay Area. Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world, and often conveys a sense of exploration and wonder. She blends digital and traditional processes and enjoys experimentation with physical media, particularly painting and printmaking. The primary goal of her work is to present viewers with strange and unknown things in a way that prompts curiosity.
Bracha K. Sharp is an author, writer, and poet. She draws particular inspiration from her background in English literature and psychology, poetry, nature, folklore and myth, and her favorite childhood books. When not writing, she loves to spend time with her family, friends, and literary character-named guinea pigs; attend book conventions; and occasionally bake challahs, which she hopes turn out as good as Zlatah Leah's!
More Information
Dimensions 9x12
ISBN 9781946351623
Illustrator Anita Tung
Publisher Mosaica Press
Number of pages 32
Weight 0.9560 lbs.
Binding: Hardcover

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