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Tales of the Navi Sefer Yehoshua

Tales of the Navi Sefer Yehoshua

ISBN: 9781947857698

Publisher: Kodesh Press

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Tales of the Navi brings Sefer Yehoshua to life. Captivating rhymes, chapter summaries, framing and discussion questions make this book of Navi accessible and enjoyable to any parent child team. Tailored to a wide range of learners, parents of many skill levels can use the book as a guide to engage, encourage, and excite their learners and facilitated positive and memorable family learning tradition.
"This book should be in the home of every English speaking Jewish family.."
- Rabbi Chaim Jachter
"Truly engaging for all ages"
- Morah Dena Friedman
"Beautifully illustrated, child friendly, intelligent and entertaining...meaningful and educational even for the adult...the right answer for the Jewish family at the right time!"
- Rabbi Ilan Feldman
"A masterpiece. This work is at once engaging, thought provoking, fun, beautiful and engrossing"
- Rabbi Elchanan Shoff
"Sefer Yehoshua in such a clear, fun, and exciting manner... Young and old will appreciate"
- Rabbi Ari Enkin
Tales of the Navi Sefer Yehoshua [Hardcover]
By: Rabbi Nachi Friedman
Rhymes by: Jennifer Friedman
Illustrated by: Racheli David

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