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Halachah Matters

Halachah Matters

ISBN: 9781957579061

Publisher: Mosaica Press

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A business partner arranged a meeting with you in another state. After you fly in to meet with him, he cancels the meeting. Is he responsible for your costs?
Your daughter-in-law makes your favorite dessert, but you find it flavorless. May you lie in order to preserve shalom bayis?
Your young child accidentally breaks a vase at a store. Are you responsible?
With true-to-life anecdotes that are as relevant as they are entertaining, Halachah Matters presents the reader with modern-day halachic dilemmas. For each predicament, a halachic analysis ensues, followed by a conclusion and further questions to consider - providing an ideal springboard for meaningful dialogue in a wide variety of settings.
"This sefer is full of beautiful insights and replete with precious pearls [of wisdom]" (translated from Hebrew)
-Rav Asher Weiss
"My dear friend, R. Zvi Nachman, has been giving shiurim for many years that would make Rav Moshe [Feinstein], zt"l, proud! Halachah Matters reflects the hard work, common sense, and painstaking limud HaTorah of an exceptional ben Torah."
-Rav Moshe Weinberger
"[A] sefer which is both informative and entertaining. The halachah is illustrated in story form, piquing the reader’s curiosity, making it impossible to stop reading before reaching the author’s conclusion."
-Rav Shalom Rosner
Zvi Nachman first began giving weekly shiurim in New York City’s Lower East Side in 1994. He later moved to the Five Towns, where he continues to share his Torah insights on a weekly basis at the Tree Street Minyan in Woodmere, New York. The vignettes found in this sefer are culled from close to two decades of Rabbi Nachman’s shiurim and focuses on the application of halachah to contemporary circumstances.
The author brings a unique perspective to the halachic analyses and discussions in this sefer, as he holds a law degree from New York University (NYU) School of Law as well as a Master of Science degree in Real Estate Development and Investment from NYU. Zvi is also a former certified public accountant (CPA), having started his career working for a large global accounting firm before he became a lawyer. Since 1996, the author has been a practicing attorney, first at an Am Law 100 New York City law firm and then as General Counsel for one of the largest privately held real estate investment organizations in the United States, where he represented and negotiated with many of the largest companies and household names in the United States. Zvi is a graduate of the Mesivta of Long Beach and also learned at other highly-regarded yeshivos, including Mishkan HaTorah, Ohr HaChaim, Machon L’Horaah, and Mesivta Tifereth Yerushalayim (MTJ). Rabbi Nachman is a musmach of Rav Dovid Schochet and Rav Nachman Wilhelm.
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Publisher: Mosaica Press
ISBN: 9781957579061
Halachah Matters [Hardcover]
Exploring Halachah Through Engaging Short Stories
By: Rabbi Zvi Nachman

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