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Pesach for the Very Young with Laminated Plastic Pages

Pesach for the Very Young with Laminated Plastic Pages

ISBN: 9789655541854

Publisher: Veshinantam Levanecha Institute

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Pesach for the Very Young Plastic Pages
By: Rabbi Yaakov Hopkovitz
Translated by S. Hertz
Illustrated by Dan Barlev
Product Description
What a great way to bring the Pesach feel to the youngsters. This hardcover brightly colored book will definitely do the trick! This fantastic book will keep kids entertained educated and quiet!
A "Read it Again" Book with Laminated Pages
Table of Contents:
Time to Clean
At the Matzah Bakery
Bedikas Chometz
Sereifas Chometz
Mah Nishtanah
Zaidy Tells the Haggadah
The Ten Makkos
Yetziyas Mitzrayim
At the Yam Suf
The Mitzriyim Drown
48 pages
Size: 8.5" x 12"
Publisher: Veshinantam Levanecha

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