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The Thief Comics Story

The Thief Comics Story

ISBN: 9789657769430

Publisher: Lechaim Productions

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The Thief Comics Story [Hardcover]
By: M. M. Hershkowitz
Illustrated by: David Gold
Product Description
The Thief
Is your wallet in your pocket? Are you sure?
If Alter "the thief" is anywhere nearby, you just might want to double-check...
After endless years of hope, tefilla, and countless acts of chessed,
Ephraim and Rivka of snowy Yanovitch finally give birth to a son.
But much to their dismay, they quickly discover that their little bundle of joy has aterrible tendency...
Who are Zalman and Zundle? What happened on that fateful journey to the city of Malin? And what happened to the expensive snuffbox?
Join us on this fascinating journey through breathtaking sceneries and villages. Travel through homes and yeshivos and discover the incredible twists and turns of the human soul...
Enjoy your read!
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 13.25" x 9.8"
Pages: 57

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