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Count of Coucy Comics Story

Count of Coucy Comics Story

ISBN: 9789659268610

Publisher: NA

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Count of Coucy Comics Story [Hardcover]
By: Rabbi Marcus Lehmann
Product Description
In the city Coucy, France, Rabi Shimshon sits and learns Torah diligently. His clarity and method of learning draws talmidim from all over France, and they thirstily drink his pure Torah. His livelihood he receives from Chaim, his merchant brother.
One day, his brother comes and asks Rabi Shimshon to accompany him on a business trip to England. Rabi Shimshon’s time is very precious, but his sense of gratitude causes him to agree to the request. During the journey, Rabi Shimshon realizes that the business deal is very questionable, and from here things begin to deteriorate quickly...
The boat hits a difficult storm, which sends it far off course. As if that isn’t enough the travelers fall into the hands of cruel, bloodthirsty pirates.
The pirates bring their captives to the Middle East, which is embroiled in bitter battles between the Crusaders and the Moslems for control over Eretz Yisrael...
Chaim wiliness leads him to be freed from the hands of the pirates, while Rabi Shimshon is sold as a slave to a high-ranking Moslem captain. There, he withstands difficult tests and succeeds in keeping his faith at all costs.
Siyata diShmaya accompanies Rabi Shimshon every step of the way, until he is miraculously freed from the hands of the Moslems and returns home as ruler of the city, appointed by King Richard the Lionhearted!
Why did Rabi Shimshon hope to never arrive in England?
Whom did the poor Jews of Mogador wish to redeem, and why didn’t they?
How did Rabi Shimshon save the life of King Richard the Lionhearted?
Read about all this and more in "COUNT OF COUCY", a thrilling book that weaves together suspense and educational values, written by esteemed author Rabbi Marcus Lehmann zt"l and adapted anew by master author Tzvi Aryeh Adler.
Count of Coucy was first printed as a serial story in Comics.
Size: 9" x 11.5"
Binding: Hardcover
3D illustrations by Eliezer ben Hamu

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