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I Know 6 with Music CD

I Know 6 with Music CD

ISBN: C628

Publisher: Israel Book Shop

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The Sheish Mitzvos Temidios (Six Constant Mitzvos) and the Sheish Zechiros (Six Remembrances) are essential parts of Yiddishkeit. Now there is a great way for kids to learn what they are and remember them always. In The Big Sixbook and CD, Rabbi Dubin teaches the Six Constant Mitzvos and the Six Remembrances in his beloved, trademark style - via song!
Rabbi Mordechai Dubin, a veteran rebbi, songwriter, and musician, knows how to reach children. Through music, song, and genuine heart, Rabbi Dubin instills in kids many fundamental concepts in a way that is enjoyable, fun, and everlasting.
Binding: Hardcover with Music CD
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 34
Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications
I Know 6 with Music CD [Hardcover]
The Six Constant Mitzvos and the Six Remembrances in Rhythm and Song
By: Rabbi Mordechai Dubin
Illustrated by: Racheli David

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